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2011 Season

We are not taking any more CSA members this year. We will be however, selling vegetables from our farm location in Gallant, Al. Meaning, I will send out an email about what we have available, and you can respond and let me know how much of which item you want. You will then come here and pick it up. I plan to use a website that allows for online ordering and I can keep everyone updated on what is fresh and available as it comes in. I also get organic eggs, blueberries, beef and chicken from local farmers and can have that ready for you to pick up with your order if you are interested. If you would like to be included in the email list please let me know by emailing me at If you know others in your area that might be interested, you could take turns picking up the produce. Have one person pick up for your group one week, and then rotate who picks up the next time. The pick up times and days are yet to be determined, but will probably be one week day and Saturday. Week day pick up would be in the evenings, say 3-7. And Saturday pickup would be in the mornings, probably 9-12. You would not be obligated to pick up a weekly share as you would be if you had a CSA share. 

We plan to grow red potatoes, tomatoes, corn, okra, purple hull peas, onions, lettuce, green beans, and peppers. I am sure we will throw a few more things in as well. We hope to begin harvesting some veggies in May. 

Hope to hear from you soon!

Angela Montgomery

Pleasant Valley Farm

Local Food for Local People


How to choose a CSA

I just wanted to pass along this information that was written by local harvest. I recommend that you read it if you are considering joining a CSA. It can help you determine if a CSA membership is right for you.


Pleasant Valley CSA

Local Food for Local People 


What is Pleasant Valley CSA all about?

Hello from Pleasant Valley CSA!

  It is a beautiful morning! As I write this, the sun is shining, and I can hear birds singing. It makes me wish Spring was here. I know it won't be long because I can see the daffodils pushing their way toward the sky. This time of year makes me dream of all the fruits, vegetables and flowers that will be growing soon. I could spend hours looking through the seed catalogs that are coming in the mail. I have been working on getting the garden areas ready for planting. I thought I would take a little time to tell you what we are all about.

At Pleasant Valley CSA, we value community, friends, supporting locals, and fresh and naturally grown produce. Supporting the local community and economy is more important than ever these days. We need to try to keep our money in our local economy. When you work with and buy from people in your community you support them and their family, and in the process create lifelong friendships. One reason to eat locally grown food is that it is healthier and fresher. The food that we grow will be on your plate within hours of harvest, not days or weeks. We value naturally grown food for several reasons. One, for the health of the people growing the food, and also for the health of the people eating the food. I have a four year old daughter, it would be a tragedy for me to know that by using chemicals on our gardens that I somehow contributed to the demise of her health. Thankfully she is very healthy, and I want to keep it that way. The same goes for you and your family. Without your health, all the other things in life don't mean much. We are not certified organic, but we do use natural growing techniques, and chemical and pesticide free growing practices.

By forming the CSA we hope to help you live a healthier life through fresh food, a more fulfilled life through the formation of new friendships, and a more prosperous community by your support of local farmers.


Pleasant Valley CSA

Local Food for Local People 



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