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Laying hens anyone?

Approximately every two years we start over with our laying hens.  In order to meet the customers needs we have to have them laying at about 90%.  So at this time the 65 new layers are getting pretty big and starting to crowd my hard working ladies so it is time to thin the flock.  The 2.5 years old laying hens are for sale for $10.00.  They are still laying and will for years to come.  Just so you know a new chick is $1.75 at our local hatchery, which is half the going rate, and then it totals out at about $15.00 for me to bring them to four months of age so yes this is a deal especially if you are not set up to take care of chicks.  Let me know if you are interested.  I am only letting a limited amount go at this time; the rest will go in another 6-8 weeks.
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