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Moonstruck Farms CSA would like to welcome the Siebert Lamb Farm to our multi-farm CSA.  The Sieberts have been in the lamb business for over 30 years, and raise Heritage Southdown and Hampshire/Suffolk crosses.  They are grass and grain fed, but only say the word and they will put one aside for grass fed only if that is what you prefer.  There is lamb available now so just drop an email if you would like more information.  Beef sides are almost sold out; I have one "grass fed" only side left for the season.  Sorry this will be it for the year; have to start out slow and five head are plenty for us to start with!!  We have one pork side left that will be sent to butcher in late May, and then we will take a break for a few months with pork available again in the late Fall.   We are taking a few months off so we can keep ourselves busy stocking up on chicken and turkey for the summer and early Fall.  Just a note to keep you updated; now that meat is taken care of time to go plant the new greenhouse with the beginning of the summer crops!!

Forgot...meat drop in Inland Empire?

I almost forgot.  Thanks to Local Harvest we have been receiving a lot of contacts from our neighbors just down the hill in the Inland Empire.  Most of the inquiries are for meat since they already have some great produce CSAs down the hill.  I have been asked numerous times if I would consider a drop....well I am seriously considering a once a month maybe twice a month, but I need your help.  I need to make it worth my least to pay for the gas.  Start talking guys...if enough of you contact me and want to purchase poultry, beef shares coming up immediately or future pork shares we will make it work.  Once again thank you for tuning in and supporting all of us farmers with Moonstruck Farms CSA.  Moonstruck signing is open at 8 a.m!!
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