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Our Food - What are we puting in our bodies

I started growing foods after our 3rd child was diagnosed with food allergies. That's 3 out of 3! The 1st one has allergies too numerous to list here, the second on has 3 food allergies, which I think was greatly reduced due to eliminating certain common allergens from my pregancy and and breastfeeding diet. Our third child has 2 food allergies. One thing that I had never considered was, growing my own food.

Food allergies is on the rise at an alarming rate. Our food is so processed and we (consumers) are so removed from food production that it's no wonder we have no idea what we really consume. When I had the novel idea of growing the foods that I eat most, it worked out so well that I expanded on it. I started trying heirloom veggies and things that I've never had, seen or even heard of, just to try it. It's amazing, and empowering to grow your own food. I hope that everyone has the opportunity. Even if it's a container of lettuce in your home, or a pot of garlic. The flavor of the foods are amazing. Watching it grow has been amazing for this city girl and my family.

Adding the chickens just seemed like a natural choice and an extension of our garden. People that have known me for years can't believe the dirt-lovin', chicken chasin' woman I've become and I think that's the best compliment. Friends of mine, little by little are growing green things to eat. My mom has tomatoes and strawberries on her condo balcony. It's amazing the positive and transformative impact my little city farm has made on my life, my family's lives and my friends and community's lives.

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