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The Quiet Before the Storm

I watch the new constantly. If anyone around me wants to know the weather forecast for the week, I can rattle it off in record time. So, I cannot figure out how this storm got by me! I sent my husband to the grocery store and called me to tell me all the shelves for bread are bare. He had to park at a the far end of the lot and for a quiet Sunday evening, the store is packed with frenzied shopper buying up bread, milk and canned goods like there is no tomorrow.

We are expecting an ice storm. A big one! And the last time we had one such as this, we were out of power for almost 4 days. We are formulating a plan now. Where will we reloate the girls (if necessary). Probably the garage. Ranging icecicles is probably not their cup of tea. How fast can my husband build a portable coop? We shall see. What should be hooked up to the generator if we lose power? The fridge...my eggs!! Oh wait, gotta keep the kids warms.....

The ice should start in the next 3 hours and the skys are grey and ominous. It's very creepy. On the news they are using words like, "historic" and "record" winter storm. I don't like these words and they give me a chill on an already chilly day. I think the main question is, what will I do without an Internet connection. Thankfully I'll have my iPhone ready and charged up. It's more "i" than "phone" anyway, so I'll be checking in on orders and email and I'll try and let you know how we're doing....

Stay Tuned!!

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