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Fishing Today on Floras Creek

Finally got out to go fishing today after the water cleared up a bit on old Floras Creek. My cabin is only about 100 yards from it,  but been so busy I haven't had the chance.

Here's what happened:

  1.  Put my foot in my waders and got a squish.. some poor rodent had decided to give up the ghost in the bottom of my left boot, much to my dismay.  Yes it's been a while since I put them on .. yeach. Diverted to my trusty muck boots instead.
  2. Went down with my dog Vinny and caught a pretty nice 20 lb (ish) Chinook (let her go as she was with eggs and a little red) and wondered on down the creek and among the rocks found a dog collar -- the exact one Vinny lost during the summer at some point on the creek.  It was stuck in some rocks seemingly washed down from wherever he lost it.  Cool!
  3. Walking under the firs next to the creek near the old swimming hole I saw a GIANT chanterelle mushroom.  This thing was at least 14 inches across, about the size of a large pie tin or even bigger.  It was kind of mushy due to the rain and I didn't pick it because I was fishing .. didn't bring a camera.  Might go down tomorrow and get a shot of it.. it's the mother of all chanterelle. Do they normally get that big? I've never seen one like that
  4. Caught a nice steelhead that fought like crazy -- a hen I let go too.   
  5. Cataloged a number of beach chairs those Bussmens always forget to put in out of the flood waters (they have a summer camp up the creek aways from my place).  I swear they must have stock in those things since I find 3-4 of them each year washed down my way.

 So that's another dang good reason not to live in the city -- as I have to remind myself from time to time.  Rural life is worth the trouble


-zachary in Langlois

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