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Heritage Harvest Farm

For the Love of Gardening

Because Matt is on spring break this week, we've been taking every opportunity to get a lot of outside work done. You know, the muscle work. He's built compost bins, fixed the chicken yard fence and cultivated the poly tunnel (sure beats using the ol' pitchfork.).

Wednesday, we decided to take a break and make the rounds to the Amish stores that dot St. Rt. 314 between Johnsville and Chesterville. That's where I buy most of the seasonings for my mixes, as well as cheese and baking supplies. There are also a couple bent-and-dent groceries in which we purchase a lot of canned goods for pennies.

This trip, however, we wanted to stop by a greenhouse owned and operated by an Amish couple to see how far along they were with their plants. We pulled in the driveway and discovered three HUGE greenhouses. Matt kept driving around the house, and we saw another greenhouse in the back of the property and one attached to their home.

Annie popped her head out the door of their house, and Matt asked her if they were open.

"Oh yes," she called out. "Just go around and you can look in any of the greenhouses."

The outside wasn't much to look at ... just uilitarian and purposeful. Roman came out of the vegetable greenhouse and asked us if we wanted vegetables or flowers.

"Both," I said. as I followed him inside. Once I stepped in, it was like I was walking into the "Secret Garden." It seemed as though I could walk forever, floating my hands over the tops of pepper and tomato plants.

Matt began telling Roman that we were newbies to commerical gardening, and that's when the lights went on in Roman's eyes. He shared so much wonderful information and gave us the "25-cent" tour of all the greenhouses, including the one in his basement. We talked about germinating, heating the germinator and greenhouses, seeds and potting soil.

Matt and I felt so honored that they would allow us to go into their home and be so forthcoming of his methods for gardening. It was so inspiring to listen to his advice and encouraging that Matt and I seem to be on the right path toward our gardening goals.

Annie, who I'm simply in love with because of her friendly nature, was sure to give Fletcher a flower just for visiting, and he was delighted. He wanted to put it right by his "seat belt" in his car seat.  

This was just the trip we needed to get our behinds in gear!

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