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Parsley “Useful in Cancer Prevention”

Petroselinum sativum. Umbrelliferae                                                        

Found on dry rocky soil and cultivated in gardens. Leaves are curled or plain and of an intense green color. They have a characteristic odor and flavor, due to a substance called apiol. All parts of the plant are used including the seed. The Spanish peasants warn against eating too much; they say it will make people look older than their true years!

Use, internal:

Considered useful in cancer prevention and treatment, and taken when cancer is prevalent in families. Parsley is beneficial to the urinary system, and is used for bladder and kidney complaints. The root is a safe and effective aperient. Disorders of bladder and kidneys, gravel, stone, congestion, cystitis, dropsy, jaundice, rheumatism, arthritis, sciatica. Also anemia, rickets. Treatment for female ailments. A strong tea of the leaves provides a good drink for diabetics.

Use, external:

The bruised leaves steeped in vinegar will relieve swollen breasts. The cold leaves, bruised and worn inside a bodice around the breasts, will help to dry up the milk when weaning of infants is desired. To clear head lice, use parsley seed tea. To stimulate growth of hair, check baldness, remove dandruff, and soothe all kinds of insect stings, use parsley lotion.


A handful of fresh parsley leaves eaten once or twice daily in salad. Or it can be chopped fine and put into sandwiches, or mixed with white cottage cheese. Some parsley should be cultivated in pots for winter use.

Parsley Seed Tea:

A tablespoon of seed to two cups of water. Bring to a boil. Steep until cold, and then drink a cupful morning and night. This same tea, when steeped at least seven hours and rubbed into the hair, will clear head lice.

Parsley Lotion:

Use hot. Steep parsley seeds and/or leaves as for a Standard Brew. Massage the head and scalp with this.

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