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Chicken Thighs and Pasta Salad done Fred's way

It was a wise choice last night while my excitement was over the top to prepare two days worth of meals. I had to make an unexpected ride to the airport to pick-up family that arrived two hours early from rain battered Florida. And that brought me home one hour late for dinner.

Tonight I was instructed to keep the already prepared meal simple for The Wife. She had me heat up her Chardonay Herbed Chicken thighs and Corn cobs. And the Pasta salad was served cold. I was given a kiss and told the meal was wonderful; I had followed directions !

My meal on the other hand was extrordinary. I kept everything cold. The Champaign BBQ Chicken thighs, canned Corn, and then I added 2oz of pink Lemonade to 3oz. of Bleu Cheese dressing and mixed it into the Pasta salad. I also added in crumbled Cheese crackers to my pasta to give it a crunchy element. The Wife was watching "Chopped" on TV and I wanted to prepare a meal that was worthy of the TV judges. I believe I succeeded; I received a grateful kiss from my number one judge.


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Summer is over, Let's have a Pasta salad

I saw the temperature today at 2:30 pm it was 93 F and warming up. Upon returning from the grocery store this evening I was ready to cook. Tri-color Pasta and Chicken thighs @ $.79 per pound were my find today.

I began by boiling half the bag of Pasta.I prepared the baked Chicken thighs two different ways. Herbed seasoned in Chardonay for The Wife. And I had mine submersed in Champaign BBQ sauce with a Red onion between the skin and meat. When the Pasta was finished I added fine diced Fresh Red and Green Bell peppers, Red Onion, Fresh Zucchini, Parmesan Cheese and Rice vinegar, Balsamic blend. I made enough of the Pasta salad to last for a few days.The Chicken thighs and Pasta salad will be enjoyed tomorrow with Market fresh Corn when The wife and I take a lunch break. Tonight I took the Pasta salad, added Tuna salad and the current SamM salsa. Topped it off with croutons. Sprinkled rice vinegar on the croutons. And savoured every bite.


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Lable the event Potluck; Pasta will prevail

 I was sent a hoax concerning a facebook charge for my account on facebook. This hoax has been circulating since 2009. Part of the report on makes mention to the fact your personal info may be hacked if you follow the steps to avoid facebook charges. Please disreguard and read the snopes report.

Read the statements. Scroll down to the origin. And stay safe.

And now a lesson for when the call for Potluck is given

 Those of us who attended Family Group tonight at the Pastor's house were told to bring a dish to pass for potluck. Every dish offered, except three,had pasta. I used the extra meat sauce from My Big Fat Greek meal. Added spaghetti noodles plus shredded colby and mozzarella cheese. Baked it for 20 min. at 350 F. finishing it with SamM salsa on top. With so many pasta dishes the parents gave their children a choice of Lasagna or spaghetti. The Lasagna won out tonight along with another Butterfly pasta dish that had cream and Pesto mixed into it.The rest of us took home 90% of what we brought. All the bread whether garlic or otherwise also was eaten.

Lesson learned. When the call for potluck is given. Bring fruit, Fruit salad or an accompaniment to pasta dishes.





It is time for Pasta salad

I made more than enough Spaghetti and Meat sauce for Family group at my house on Sunday night. So tonight it was time to make a pasta salad with half of the left over spaghetti noodles. Into this mystery salad I started with SamM salsa being sure to add lots of the vinegar and juice from the container. I then seperated the cooked sauasage from the meat sauce and added it in. As I searched the fridge I found shredded Carrots, and Green grapes. I located Cranberries that were soaking in Apple soda. And after tasting my creation I decided I needed a sweet dressing. My homemade 1000 Island dressing did the trick. Sea salt and Olive oil were already a part of the spaghetti noodles.

I am happy with tonights outcome because I like sweet fruit flavored salads. I would have done the same type of salad if I had rice as a base or beans. My experience in matching flavors when I worked for Central Market in Houston Texas taught how to create imaginative salads like this one.


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