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Growing Rack

Another warm day in Illinois. This winter has been so mild! It is amazing! However, I expect when winter comes in like a lamb it will go out like a lion. Yesterday I applied for our sales permit for the spring. I anticipate a great year at our stands with tasty vegetables all season long. Today I am getting the materials I need to build a growing rack for my seedlings. I will be starting seeds on a heat bed with grow lights. Once they sprout they will be moved to this rack until they are ready to be transplanted into packs. My dad designed a rack build from PVC pipe. It will have six shelves, each of them with grow lights. The rack will be placed in a warm grow room. I can monitor the growth of the plants and maintain them very easily.

Yesterday, I loaded the manure I mentioned in the earlier blog. The manure turned out o be composted, so there is a very low chance of it burning the plants. If anyone has used chicken manure before, please let me know how it all worked out. I certainly do not want to cause any damage to the new plants. Again, it is such a pleasure working in the soil getting ready to see the Bountiful Blessings God has in store for this season!

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