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Family Farm Life

Today has been a very productive day at the Bountiful Blessings Farm. I started out working some more ground down with the 885 tractor and rototiller. My wife and nephew planted another variety of onions and my dad worked on the doors of the high tunnel. Everyone working together to make it happen really excites me. I did find that trying to orchestrate the operation takes patience and planning. I state that because about the middle of the morning an issue came up that needed to be dealt with immediately, throwing a curve at my plans. I needed to transplant and seed today, but this issue needed my assistance. You see, we rent a corner of our sheds for storage and a tenant brought his trailer out to store for the summer. Unfortunately, I had all kinds of stuff in the way that needed to be moved and organized. I did not realize they were coming today and they showed up this morning. so we took a little time and moved the items around and made the necessary room for their trailer. It all worked out fine.

After lunch, the onion planting and door fixing continued while I transplanted tomatoes and then worked a space for hardening them off. My niece, Taylor came out and learned how to drive one of the lawn tractors. I think she enjoyed driving the tractor around the yard about 500 times. Then she helped me move tomatoes from one greenhouse to another. Then around four it was time to clean up and head into town for another nephew's birthday party. Grant turns 13 tomorrow. He is a very talented young man and I am proud of him. My wife was a bridal shower for another nephew, Zach's fiance. We just got back to the farm almost simultaneously. It is now about nine and time for bed. A long day, but very enjoyable and a lot of work accomplished! Tomorrow is Easter and the celebration of our Lord's resurrection. He is risen! Alleluia! Have a very blessed Easter!

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