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Coldframes and Cabbage

Today has been a busy day. I have been working on the second cold frame and sowing more seed. I moved some of the cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower into the first coldframe. It has been difficult because the temperature was almost eighty today! How can I keep these plants from stretching and getting too lanky?? It is almost impossible. I am doing everything I can. I placed Styrofoam insulation in the bottom of the cold frame and ran heat cable. I then covered the cable with sand. I wanted to be sure that the plants had heat available if we get another cold snap; and I thin we will. This is unseasonable weather we are experiencing and it would not surprise me to see it get cold. It has happened before.

Tomorrow I have another appointment with the chiropractor. I feel so much better today and hope this will all be over. I am not a wimp, but pain is not fun and slows me down. I am sure the doc will have me back in shape after the visit in the morning. Now for bed - Goodnight!!

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