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Stinky Gold

Today I am heading out with one of my best friends to get a load of cow and chicken manure. This stuff is like black gold for the garden! Chicken manure is the richest animal manure in N-P-K. One has to be a little careful with chicken manure as it is "hot" and needs to be composted before applying it to the soil. Otherwise, it will burn any plants it comes in contact with. Chicken manure for vegetable garden fertilizing will produce excellent soil for  vegetables to grow in. The vegetables will grow bigger, tastier and healthier through the use of chicken manure fertilizer.

Cow manure is probably one of the best soil-builders around; it is great for garden use; and it can be used as a topdressing and for soil improvement, I like to use well-rotted cow manure in the garden. Cow manure fertilizer in all forms are a good addition to the vegetable garden. However the nutrient value does differ greatly. If one obtains manure that has been heaped up and permitted to heat up, a lot of its nitrogen may already have dissipated as ammonia. However, you can still gain organic material in the soil. Much of the valuable digestive enzymes will also have been destroyed by the high temperatures at the heap's core. Again, I prefer manure that has composted as not to burn the plants.

Today is just the first step in the soil building process. Some of the manure I am getting today is older and almost completely composted. I will pile it and allow it to compost more before I apply it to the ground. I will then work it into the soil when the ground is ready. All I have to do today is load it and haul it. I compare this to gold prospecting! The manure being rich in value to my future crop! I'm getting excited!!!

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