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The New Hotbed

Today is the first of the week and time to start getting the hotbed built. I have decided to build a nice little hotbed to extend the season. It would be nice to have lettuce, beets, greens, spinach and other cool crop veggies available early this year. So, today I am going to brave the cold (not too bad today) and start building a hotbed. It will be fairly simple.I am going to make a frame from 2x6 material and cover it with 6 mil poly doors. There will be a heating coil placed under the soil to keep the soil temperature around 70 degrees. I am not sure how this will work, but if anyone has tried it, let me know your experiences. Tomorrow it is off to shovel manure. I am getting some cow and chicken manure to supplement the soil here at the farm. I am hoping to build the soil by adding organic material. I hope there is not too much weed seed in the manure! This could make for a messy job later, trying to keep the weeds out and the rows clean.
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