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"Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower." John Harrigan

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New starts

This  past week, Cheri, ( Beaver Creek Gardens), and I started the first batch of vegetable and flower seeds. It's great to  have all the space now that the greenhouse expansion is complete. Cheri has also incubated 2 dozen eggs which will hatch in a couple of weeks.

It is the season for new starts and new friends. Here at Collie Flower Farm, we have a new friend too. I have always been a " dog" person. Collies, in case you didn't guess, but now I have my first kitten. Fergus is a brown tabby maine coon cat. He is 13 weeks old and a real hoot. Cats are very different than dogs and we are all trying to teach Fergus the " way of the collie". For now he is enjoying chasing Ross' tail and doing a little teething on his legs. Ross takes it all with quiet patience while sydney just shows a little lip when she has had enough .I'm glad to have this time with Fergus enjoying his antics. Soon our " downtime" will be over and a new season will be in full swing.

Soon all those seeds we started will be up and growing. I just love all the possibilities of the new season. i'm trying several new flower varieties and look forward to seeing how they come out. We will also attend a " Flower growers school" in madison, wisc. in a few weeks. Lots to learn!






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