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Mid Michigan CSA Sign Up Season is in Full Swing

Social media makes it easy to stay connected with other Michigan CSA Farms and I've noticed membership is in full swing. Earlier today I saw a couple local CSA's that were all full and have already closed membership. I manage the Central Michigan CSA and we open our membership the first of January and we are usually able to leave it open well into spring.

Over the past several years I've notice that the CSA season depends on where you live.  There several areas that allow for an all year round CSA program, though most farms seem to break it up into several chunks of time.

Most mid Michigan CSA programs operate much like ours as far as membership signup goes, some close earlier than others though.  It really depends on the farm and the farmer who manages the program.

The Central Michigan CSA serves families throughout the Mid Michigan area and we usually see a large group of members sign up in the month of January then February slows a bit. Then in March, April, May and June we see an increase in membership each month.  Over the past few years I've tracked the returning members and over 40% of returning members sign up early, in the month of January.

I've learned the MSU organic CSA has broken their program up into seasons and are now also offering a year round CSA.  One of our farm goals is to offer a winter CSA program in the future that would include canned foods grown here on our farm.  For now we offer a 18-20 week program and that seems to work well in growing zone.

What are your thoughts on a winter CSA program that would include cold weather crops and canned veggies? 

To learn more about our CSA farm you can visit our listing here on Local Harvest or stop by our farm website and read our Central Michigan CSA page. 


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