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Giving thanks is a daily thing, but Thanksgiving only comes once a year!

I was doing my normal, everyday chores this morning and as always I take a moment to look out of a window and smile from ear to ear. We are the luckiest folks on earth. No, we're not rich, in fact we're down right poor. But we've got a wonderful that makes you smile everyday no matter what the day brings. Just looking over our small farm is enough to make any day worthwhile and I give my thanks everyday for the privilege of being able to touch and smell our bounty.

Yes, it's the little things in life that make you smile from ear to ear...we know because we are living our dream on our little farm. The only way we can do this is because of our wonderful and supportive customers and the folks at Local Harvest. Without you, we would still be enjoying our farm but only as we leave and return from our “real” jobs! Lol

We thank you all for your continued support of Herb'n Renewal. You are the ones who make us smile!

And, here's a recipe that we hope will make you and your guests smile. :)

Have It Your Way Omelet

Chop up your favorite omelet “fillers” such as ham, cheese, green peppers, onions, etc. Place them in separate bowls and set aside. Bring a large kettle of water to a boil. Meanwhile give each guest a quart size freezer Ziploc bag and have them write their name (with a permanent marker) on the bag. Break two large eggs into each bag and let the guests “squish” until the eggs are well blended.

Now comes the fun! Let each guest “dump” whatever “fillers” they like into the bag of eggs. And, don't forget the herb seasoning! We typically use either our Herb'n Cowboy or Cheese'n Season but if they would like to add a little spice to their lives, try our Cajun Wing'n Season. Remember that you'll only need a small pinch cause our herb blends are always fresh and full of flavor. Tell them to give the bag a shake and close it tight trying to get as much air out as possible. Gently drop them into the boiling water, holding each bag for just a second or two...just enough to “set” the eggs. Set your timer and boil for 13 minutes...yup, boil them for exactly 13 minutes! You can boil up to 6 bags at a time! Believe me, your guests will stand around the pot with their jaws dropping and they will think you have gone nuts!!! Won't they be surprised when a perfectly cooked omelet comes out of that bag!

After the 13 minutes of boiling, remove the bag and cut it open, just above the omelet, with scissors and let them roll out onto a plate. Or if you want something really special try rolling your omelet onto a warm flour tortilla and top with homemade salsa!

This recipe is sooooo easy and there are no pots to clean so you get to enjoy your guests. It's a perfect way to start Thanksgiving Day. You'll be free to get your “bird” into the oven!!!

Happy Thanksgiving from our farm to your home!

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