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building some greenhouses and growing herbs

Yay!  So we finally met our kickstarter goal and are working on the greenhouses. Two down, three more to go. Tomato and pepper transplants are creeping right along with the lovely weather we have had, and we are going to be starting some squash and melons as singles. We really are not sure what the call is for that sort of thing so it is going to be an experiment.

On the other end of greenhouse goings on, our flower transplants are really taking off. I love the huge, vulgar flux of spring colors! The best part about growing all these things is that I get to care for them and call them my own for a bit of time. If I want bright yellow zinnias next to deep purple salvia, well, who is to say no? And if any combinations offend me, I simply move them around to sit near more suitable companions. I so just love flowers.

So we are going over ways to use our new hoophouses after bedding plant season and we want to do some CSA work. Problem is, we really arent sure how much we want to bite off or how much greenhouse space we are willing to give up to production. I have a knack for herbs and I am very fond of them, but most people dont use enough herbs to warrant a subscription to them. So I have been wondering if any restaurants might be interested? Say you sign on for a $25 a week deal and we cut, wash and deliver at least 5 lbs of fresh herbs, greens and/or salad blends every week. We have been working with some alternative heat tolerant greens such as malabar spinach, so it could be an interesting year round deal. If anyone out there has any ideas or thoughts on this, we would really appreciate them. We are also looking to maybe start a lowincome CSA for people on a budget or receiving foodstamps, ect. It certainly wouldnt be really exotic, just simple fresh things at a really great price. The kind of stuff your average family uses like tomatoes, peppers, squash and melons.

Anyhow, we are officially working in the dirt and growing the baby plants up, so if anyone needs something custom or just wants to chat about ideas, drop me an email @

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