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Winter Planning and Building


procter farm in snowWith the cold, and occasionally snowy, days of winter upon us the farm fields are resting while inside a warm building planning for the upcoming season takes place. This year Procter Farm is working on a number of new ventures, not least of which is our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. We are going to be growing many new and exciting varieties of vegetables including some heirloom tomatoes, sunflowers, and cabbages from Seed Savers, blue fingerling potatoes from Moose Tubers up in Maine, and some super-hot peppers for the bravest among us.

In addition to planning, winter is also a great time to work on building projects in our wonderfully heated shop. This winter the project is an “egg mobile” so the laying hen flock can be increased by 50 birds. When finished the mobile nest box trailer will house 24 individual nest box stations so there shouldn’t be any fighting or crowding. Research says that about 4 hens can share 1 nest box though from my observation nearly all the hens pick the same favorite nest box and fight over it anyway!

nest boxes

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