Hood's Heritage Hogs

  (Morgantown, Indiana)
If it ain't got wattles it's just a pig!

All Natural Bacon and Ham are back!

Classic and Austalian bacon & Ham are our most popular cuts. They won't last long!

So give Travis a call to reserve yours and to arrange pick up or delivery. Travis 812-344-9105

Why is our ham & bacon different?

It starts with the pig. Red Wattles raised on grass with just the right amount of grain, raised with care on our family farm, handled gently to reduce stress go to This Old Farm Meat Processing. This Old Farm uses all natural cure and gentle smoking to create the best bacon in the world.

What’s the big deal about Natural cure? Most bacon is cured using sodium nitrate/nitrite a chemical which has questionable affects on health. Our natural cure contains no chemical nitrates/nitrites. The cure is made up of sea salt, turbinado sugar, paprika, other seasonings and spices. Celery juice powder is used instead of sodium nitrate/nitrite.

The celery juice powder cures the pork just fine, gives it the pink cured color and adds a bit to the flavor. The bacon is rubbed with the cure mixture by hand for even coating, then cured for 5-7 days in the cooler. Next the pork heads for the smoker where it is hot smoked to perfection, then chilled, sliced and packaged.

It takes more time and it costs a bit more than other types of processing, but it is well worth it. 

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