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Ducks are happy, but I think for this to work, we need more!

The ducks are doing well, they stay around their little wading pool mostly, so I move it around the yard often.  Our ducks like checking out the chicken pens, and our hens like to follow the ducks around the yard.  It is fun to watch.  The  ducks are wonderful!  I have never raised ducks before, so this is a new little animal adventure with us.  They are very calm, which is good since I have three little children!

I can tell that the areas around where the ducks are have fewer grasshoppers, but I would need hundreds of ducks at this rate to get rid of 90% of the grasshoppers.  They do eat more that the chickens, but I think the pigs and turkeys eat more volume, but I can not let the pigs just roam around the farm, I feel better with them in the pens.

 Anyone else having a grasshopper issue?  Please let me know what is working for you!! 



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