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Another Season Comes and Goes

It is that time of year again where we have rushed to the finish line after a marathon harvest. Working full speed ahead still, we are raking up the last of our walnuts, picking what seems to be the last of the tomatoes and squash.  In reality, when it comes to our garden we have been lucky as it seems to still be producing a good amount of tomatoes and squash.  I am guessing this is due to the extended summer heat we have had. This time last year I was already pulling out plants and making space for fall plants.  I did get a chance to plant a few fall plants in our raised beds.  We will see how well they do considering I have done very little to prepare the beds nutrition wise.  There was just no time to fit that in between walnut harvest and raising my two babies. Let's consider this an experiment I can report on later. 

The tomatoes did ok this year, nothing like last year though.  We lost a few plants and gained a few.  That is right, we gained a few volunteer beef steak tomato plants from last year, and they are actually doing great right now.

Other plants that did great in this long hot summer were the cucumbers and butternut squash.  Good thing because my 1 year old has been eating it by the loads.  So has the rest of the family for that matter.

Lets talk walnuts: We had a lot of equipment problems this year that really slowed us down.  The walnuts themselves looked good, better than last year. Our weakness  by far is organization and old equipment. But as we get better at this farming thing, so will the choices we make get better. Our strengths were our persistence and ability to work together to get it all in. As a family farm we do our best to work as a team which can be challenging when that team member is also your brother or uncle.  In the end, all the challenges just bring us closer together.

And so begins clean up time prepping for a hibernation of sorts. Not that there is ever really any time to rest on the farm, but we will for sure take a big break once all the clean up is done.

Onions are in the ground, pumpkins are ready for eating and we are just waiting for our turkey from another local farm (Dragons Lea) so we can celebrate all this hard work and each other. 

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