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Farm life end of spring 2014

It as been some time since the last post as I have been working hard on so many things.  Kucek Family Farms had been thriving.  I and my brother have been prepping for harvest already, even though harvest is not till September some time.  Walnut trees take a huge amount of work all year round.  When we are not in harvest we are watering, pruning, mowing, fixing machines...just to name a few.  We also did a fall garden this year and the garlic is about ready to pick.  The lettuce has been so much fun! and we have been eating on the kale and swiss chard all winter.  We have also been enjoying onions, carrots and beets.  We have had some super hardy salads.  The last salad we made was full of at least 5 things from our garden, including a super yummy cabbage.  I like to call it the garden sink salad as it contained everything we could possibly put in it from the garden with a few extras.  

Our 2 year old enjoyed the first ripe tomato.  She was so excited to see the red glow from beneath the plan leaves.  We planted the earliest we have ever planted this years, so we had to do a few replants on the cucumbers. Now we are crossing our fingers that everything works out. 

 And fruit season has kicked off with a nice crop of cherries that will soon be followed by apricots and blackberries.  

I have been doing my best to balance mothering 2 babies, rebuilding a shed, tearing down an old house, fixing up and old house, gardening, and general maintenance. It has been a challenge to say the least.  I could hire 4 more people to help out full time and still be behind.  That being said, if you interested in working on a good old fashion family farm, let me know.  I am sure I could find something for you to do. Must love the great out doors, an odd sense of humor, and getting your nails and face dirty.  


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