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Fresh Walnuts

Fresh California Walnuts Are Here

Hey y'all, thanks for stopping by to visit Local Harvest.

I am excited because once again it is walnut season 2020. Machines zooming up and down the street, dust blowing more than it usually blows, and farm trucks everywhere.

It also means fresh walnuts for you! Prices are as follows:

Hartley Nuts:

$1.35 a pound for under 100 pounds, there is a 20 pound minimum.

$1.00 a pound for a 100 pounds or more.  


$1 a pound or .85 a pound for over 100 pounds

Get a hold of me, let me know if you are interested. We do not mail nuts at this time because I have not found out a way to make it financially feasible.

I will however deliver free within a 35 mile radius for over 50 pounds or you can always just come visit me on the farm to pick up your fresh California grown English nuts.  

For more information about our farm, check out www.dirtandskyfarm.com

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