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May Garden Notes

It is mid May and our garden is overflowing with food.  I never thought I would see so much food so early.  With the lack of a freeze in March and warmer nights, our garden has progressed quick and full. Those who garden will see the pluses and minuses of this.  

 Here is the run down:

Lettuces are going into seed quickly as the heat gets turned on.  We placed a shade shelter over them so it will slow them down a bit.  We grow them in our raised beds so that we can have more control over how they grow. Swiss chard/ kale is still growing fast and furious. Those that we planted later went straight into seed, but those planted earlier are doing great.

Onions and garlic: We have been picking onions for several weeks now, and I planted them several weeks apart so we will see how long we will be picking them.  So par it has not been too hot so they are prospering in the semi-warmer weather. Garlic still has several weeks to go before I start plucking them out of the ground to cure. Can't wait!  We went through the garlic real fast last year so I planted much more this year.  I just have to keep an eye on reducing water so they don't rot. 

Tomatoes: Early Girls are coming early of course. I suspect a week longer and we will see some red in in the garden. Peppers are also growing. The bell peppers are already ready to pick.

Cabbage did great this year.  We have been eating it since Easter.  I made a great batch of Sauerkraut, my first time.  Many other recipes have been made from it since.  That cabbage goes a long way.

Beans have been planted as well as some experimental Peas. The Cucumbers have been struggling a bit, I am guessing there is a bit too much water output on them.  Note to self, adjust.

Squash is growing crazy!! We have starting picking the summer squash already.  So great young flavors.  I and my little toddlers love picking them right out of the garden before they get to big to munch on them while we are working. Sweet and buttery is how I would describe them. I plan to make a salad out of the young ones this evening as well.

 We have already enjoyed a tree full of cherries thanks to the vigilance of my uncle to keep the birds out and the time picking them all by my brother. Yum.  They come and go so darn quick.  My mom is making Cherry jam and has already made a cherry pineapple jam.  I have yet to taste it.  Can't wait. Apricots and plums are hot on out heals, and we don't have blueberries, but we plan on going to pick some soon. That should be a whole lot of fun.

 Blueberries are in this farms plans.  I am hoping by this time next year we will have some blueberries in the ground.  Can't wait for that to happen.

Other farm stuff taking place:  We are repairing the barn, working on the finances (never fun) and eating lots of good food. Hope we can share some of it with you soon.  If you are interested in anything mentioned here, feel free to contact us to make an order.  Or if you have grower questions, or if you just want to say hi.  

Hope you enjoyed reading about out farm, I wish I knew how to post pictures of all that food I mentioned. Oh well. 

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