Scotch Creek Farm

  (Nebo, Kentucky)
Sunrise to Sunset

Favorite time of day

Morning is my favorite time of day. Being in charge of all this caretaking it is nice to have a moment to myself. Well most days it is to myself after Deaglan and my husband get off to school and work. Sigh. Oatmeal and mint tea with some honey, or some fresh eggs and farm raised bacon yum. 

It seems that farming revolves around food and it should since I GROW it, but it is more than that it embodies the lifestyle of the person doing the growing. I had a great lady and foodie call me about an interview for the farm and I was ecstatic then she said she wanted pictures...Farm looks good to me but then after a brown winter lush green with the dew on it  looks like diamonds and emeralds in the morning sun. Sure there are weeds in most of the beds and tilling that is done but not planted and mulched that is part of spring. I honestly don't think about it when there are seedlings trying to put out roots into the tile floor of the sun room , garden beds to plan, turnover, till and plant, milking goats to be tended, their baby kids to feed, cows to turn out , pigs to feed and spend time with to keep them easy to handle, chickens to feed ,water, put bedding in the nest boxes and take the composted litter out for garden beds, horses to feed , groom and ride or drive. Then there are the fields to check , hay fields to check for weeds and pull them up , wheat fields to check their progress compost piles to turn. Corn fields to start preparing..This is just how spring is. With every season comes the new challenges with what is coming up and wanting your attention before it goes wild! Between these times there is my family, cheese making, farmers markets etc.  I really love this time of year but at the same time it is muddy , messy and well not exactly Park like in appearance. I am concerned then about something I don't think about often... do people want me to grow their food and grow it well? or do they want to buy food from a (pretty) farm? Well pretty is subjective I know that but if the beauty of a farm is its value then I don't know if Organic is the way to go for that. Oh well though Organic is how we grow no matter how overgrown things look or some weeds out there  , proves we don't use herbicide , pesticides otherwise we would have weed free fields... who wants that? I would rather have a little messy and clean food , than a pristine farm with chemical residues.

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