Good Fortune Farm

  (Brandywine, Maryland)

A new strategy for a new season

It seems so simple grow a vegetable garden and distribute them through a CSA. The challenge is to keep the crops producing for the whole season.  Unlike many other farming enterprises CSA farming is a continual cycle of plant, till, maintain, harvest repeat.  The farms growing corn, tobacco or 1,000 acres of carrots can plant the whole crop at one time and work around the seasonal variations but the whole planting gets the same treatment on that same schedule.  For the CSA there is a constant cycle of seeding transplanting, planting out, soil prep,trellising, weeding harvest and resetting the fields for another cycle.  Throw in a week of heavy rain followed by another you carefully planned schedule gets thrown in the compost heap.  Never a dull moment!  We will be back at it for another season regardless.  Hope you consider joining me on this agrarian adventure for 2019.
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