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Spring Planting

Spring Planting

0421190900a.jpg Hyrum Adamson, co-owner of Adamson Farms U-Pick, began preparing the field for spring planting the 2nd week of March. Our snow melted early this year. He loves doing the tilling and harrowing. He planted peas, lettuce, swiss chard, carrots, spinach, and radishes the 3rd week of March. By mid April he planted the second planting of those vegetables. The Rye grass for between the vegetable patches was planted during this time as well. Onion bulbs were planted on the 22nd of April. ___________________________________________________________________________________ You can see some of our planting in this video: ____________________The water is not in the canal yet that we use for watering and so for now any moisture is from the ground and air. Hopefully it will rain today. This was a problem last year as well, planting early but not being able to irrigate yet. _____________________________________________________________________________________ In the next few days we will be planting potatoes and turnips as well as 2nd and 3rd plantings of the previous things already planted. It is too early to set out starts yet. We have a few more freezing nights ahead. Hyrum has been tilling garden spots for individuals in the area. It has been a fun spring so far. We will be open to self-serve customers the end of June. ____________________________________________________________________________________ My daffodils are blooming. I love spring. Spring always reminds me of my father's father, Bill (William Humphries), playing on his harmonica "Springtime In the Rockies" and then he would sing it in his own version. Here is the version sang by Gene Autry: _____________ When it's springtime in the Rockies______ I'm coming back to you_____ Little sweetheart of the mountains_____ With your Bonnie eyes of blue_____ Once again I'll say I love you_____ While the birds sing all the day_____ When it's springtime in the Rockies_____ In the Rockies far away_____ The twilight shadows deepen into night, dear_____ The city lights are gleaming o'er the snow_____ I sit alone beside the cheery fire, dear_____ I'm dreaming dreams from out the long ago_____ I fancy, it is springtime in the Rockies_____ The flowers with their colors are aflame_____ And though I long to be back in the Rockies_____ I'll wait until the springtime comes…
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