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Peaches Pears and Apples -- Oh My!

I remember when I was just a lad growing up on our little farm...fall was worth waiting for... the fruit trees were always fair game as long as you let mom have some for jam and make dad a pie...Hidden in the leaves would be treasures kissed by the sun...After school and during chores those treasures would be the secret snack.  Only you and God knew you had tasted this gem...it's juicy sweet meat and tangy core was all yours...I would savor every bite, mind you now, you only ate one or two a day unless they were tooooo ripe,  cause you must not waste this treat!  I remember finishing my chores with a a sticky smile, tasting just one more before going to the house....As entering wiping my hands on my jeans..."Whats for Dinner"..Yes I am starved...haven't eaten since lunch!...Mom always knew the real story...or was it the juice stains on my shirt!...Remember fall is always worth waiting for....and a warm peach, juicy pear and crisp apple straight from the tree is the best snack of all! 


It is Fall Once Again...

    Well the hot hot days of summer are behind us. Why do I know this?Because this morning the trees out back were swaying in the morning breeze and golden leaves, that were parched by the heat,  were falling to the ground like snowflakes-quiet and harmless.

   The smell of fall is in the air, hayfields are being cut possibliy for the last time, cow corn is being harvested, the mint fields are being mowed and the tomatoes are Red and Ripe!.  The smells of fall are all around us. Green peppers are coloring to Red, Zinnas are 5 feet tall and the Peach Trees are laden with fruits the size of softballs. Imagine the smell of peaches ripening in the hot sun, picking one and eating it just seconds later. O' Farm life is grand. Especially here on our farm.

   Our grand-dads taught us to care for the land and you shall reap the rewards. Not always profit mind you but, the reward of growing quality foods to sustaine the family.  Not only just to fill the pantry but to fulfil your tastebuds and your soul.

   Fall is a wonderful time to reflect on the bounty. To store away for winter, to enjoy the colors and to savor it's taste!

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