Volunteer Day

Good Rain Farm - camas, Washington

Volunteer Days! I am always excited to welcome folks on to the farm and participate in the production and tending our foods and get y'alls hands dirty! Please check the weather forecasts for the volunteer dates you plan to attend. Prior to arrival, please review the gear list and print out and sign your waivers attached to this e-mail.

I compile small itineraries for each volunteer day but as with all things on the farm, timing, weather and resources can quickly reorganize priorities. This list is not all encompassing and serves to help prepare you for the variety of activities we may engage in. All activities are challenge by choice and to that please feel free to request a different task if the currant activity does not suit you. I want my farm space to be a comfortable confidant skill building and educational space.

I want to THANK YOU for spending your free time with me, helping me get these tasks down! Your time is valuable and I cannot express how thankful I am you choose to spend with me on the Farm. Your efforts are extremely helpful and greatly appreciated!

Task List's for each individual volunteer day is updated on Facebook and sent out via e-mail.


Once we are out in the field there is no easy way to contact folks; typically cell phones do not work on the farm property. Please be sure to share this contact info with anyone who may need to know. For Cancellations or Questions: Phone: 360-904-9081 Call or Txt Landline: 360-834-3169 Email: GoodRainfarm@gmail.com

VENUE INFO: The farm has a covered area with a picnic table available for breaks and lunch. There is potable water available within the Barn, as well as a microwave, a little hot plate and a few old camping pots available for use. Refrigerated items may be stored in the large refrigerator also located in the barn.

This is a working farm with many hazards known and unknown to the farmer. Please be alert and careful when moving about the Barn and Fields. All efforts will be made to reduce these hazards to all personnel on site. Please listen to instruction, be sure to have appropriate illumination and move slow and deliberately to reduce injury. Thank you.

GEAR LIST: Please double check the gear list to make sure you have everything you need.

Please wear closed toe shoes/boots, as we will be walking on uneven terrain. Please bring a small pack, warm fleece or wool hat, rain gear (Jackets, rain pants, rain hat, waterproof gloves), sun protection (hats, sunscreen, sunglasses) Insulating layers.

Bring enough snacks and water bottle to keep you hydrated and energized throughout your visit. ***Please avoid cotton layers and dress appropriately for the forecasted weather.

Sincerely, Farmer Michelle & the Farm-ly at Good Rain Farm

Date: Jun 22, 2019
Start Time:9:00 AM
End Time:2:00 PM
Organized by:Good Rain Farm
Address: 25515 ne brunner rd
camas, WA 98607
Phone:(360) 904-9081
Email: Email Us