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From Our Farm To Your Table. Our family farm in Frederick County, Maryland, provides the following ten (10) lamb and sheep products and services: including direct to consumers Custom-Processed Lamb; good, dense square bales of grass hay (no weeds); 4-H Market Lambs; Suffolk breeding stock; aged compost -- and honey from our bee hives. Customers consistently say it's the best lamb they have ever eaten. Arrange to visit.

Questions: call us: 301-371-4111. Or send an email directly to Peter Vorac for a quick reply.

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Photo: Putting square bales of hay in the bank barn. We bale, use and sell around 2,000 square bales of alfalfa hay and 2nd. cutting grass hay per year for our brood ewes, rams, growing lambs. When you need good, grass hay -- call.

Read about each of our 10 product and service areas below.

1. Custom-processed, spring-born lambs -- 6-11 months old. Also have smaller lambs for a BBQ, Greek Easter and EIDS. Lambs are both grass-fed and grain-fed for that great flavor, better muscling and choice grading. We use no growth hormones or steroids. We sell custom-processed whole and half lambs. We do not sell individual lamb cuts -- except for our delicious Sweet Italian Lamb Sausage (4 links per 1 lb. package) -- and our 5 oz. Lamb Burger patties (4 patties per package).

Hemp's Meats, 3740 Jefferson Pike, Jefferson, MD 21755 does all our custom processing. Hemp's is a USDA inspected butcher shop. Lambs are properly aged in Hemp's cooler for 10 days, then custom-processed per customer's order form.

Hemp's has been in business since 1849 -- and has an excellent retail meat shop. Hemp's Website:

You can order any type of lamb cuts you want. Then your lamb cuts are vacuum packed, labeled, and frozen. We'll email you a Lamb Meat Order Form.

Customer gets everything back -- including the 4 lower shanks, extra bones, all organ meat, any ground fat for the birds, and even the head (if wanted).

Call well in advance to discuss what you want, and to order a custom-processed lamb for a holiday, family event, and your freezer.

Call: 301-371-4111 --- or send us an email -- and we'll send you our Lamb Order Form and our 2021 Information & Price Sheet. Lambs are processed at Hemp's Meats in Jefferson, MD. If you don't know much about the various meat cuts, we'll help you with your order form.

2021 Custom-Processed Lamb Prices.

Lambs are sold by live weight. Hanging weight is 51-54% of the live weight.

up to 80 lbs. -- $3.30 lb. live weight.

81 to 95 lbs. -- $3.10 lb. live weight.

96 to 110 lbs. -- $2.90 lb. live weight, good weight for a BBQ lamb, and for Greek Easter.

111 to 125 lbs. -- $2.70 lb. live weight, good weight for lambs cooked in a China Box, or a larger BBQ system.

126 lbs. and over -- $2.50 lb. live weight, very nice weight for leg of lamb, boneless roasts, steaks, rib and loin chops, rack of lamb.

Plus Hemp's flat rate custom processing cost: $115.00, for any size lamb's live weight. To process the carcass only for a BBQ, or you cut-up yourselves, $50.00. Larger lambs will be less than 10-11 months old.

Will even save the lamb pelt for you -- ready for you to salt down, you ship to Bucks County Fur Products for tanning, 220 1/2 N. Ambler Street, Quakertown, PA 18951.

2. 2021 Greek Easter Lambs. Greek Easter is May 2, 2021.

Call or email well in advance to place your lamb order. We'll email you a Lamb Order Form. We have lambs available all year. Hemp's is very busy in the fall months, so order early. Phone: 301-371-4111

3. Lambs for EID's and special events. Do you want to harvest a lamb on a farm? Suggest you contact Earl Gouker: Canaan Run Farm in Westminster, Maryland (Carroll County, MD). Call Earl Gouker at: 1-443-506-5243. Earl has the proper facilities, excellent service, very nice meat-type lambs.

4. Grass Hay, 2nd cutting square bales, 40-45 lb. tight bales, picked-up at our farm. 2021 2nd cutting hay will be baled mid to late August -- no weeds -- put directly into our bank barn. Call to reserve your hay. $5.50 per bale. $5.00 for 20 or more bales. Our 1st hay cutting in late May is round baled, wrapped as haylage and used by a dairy farm to feed their dairy heifers and dry cows.

5. Aged compost and sheep manure is available -- great for CSA gardens -- and family gardens. Will help build organic matter in your soil. Sold by the pick-up truck load, or trailer load. Most full-size trucks with 8 ft. beds hold 4 cubic yards. Cost: $25.00 per truck load -- we'll load your truck. If you only have a van or SUV -- you can load your garbage cans or bags of compost for $1.00 per can or bag.

Example: a 25' x 25' garden = 625 sq. ft. If you add two inches of manure to 625 sq. ft. -- you'll need 4.0 cu. yards of manure. You can add other ingredients to "lighten-up" the soil -- then add Spring and Fall layers of manure each year to continue to improve your garden's organic matter and soil microbes (bacteria).

6. Registered Suffolk Ewes and Rams Breeding Stock (black faced sheep). Suffolk sheep are well-muscled and grow faster than other breeds. Our 6 to 10 month old lambs, range from 130-145 lb. and produce excellent cuts of meat. Our breeding stock quality Suffolk Ram Lambs weigh at least 200 lbs. at 9 months of age -- and Rams around 300-330 lbs. when full grown.
Each year two rams are put on the PA Ram and Buck Goat Performance Test in Pennsylvania -- then auctioned first Saturday in August, at the end of the Performance Test. Full grown breeding ewes weigh in the area of 210 to 240 lbs.

Our best ram lambs and ewe lambs are sold as Registered Suffolk Breeding Stock. At times have some bred yearling ewes. Our genetics will add muscle, capacity, and improve your flock. We do not sell very young lambs for meat -- because some of the lambs may be selected in the summer to be raised as future breeding stock, or as 4-H Project Lambs.

7. 4-H Project Lambs (4-H Club Lambs) -- show lambs that are flashy, well-muscled, long bodied, have style -- and will do well at your County Fair.

8. Ewe breeding services for shepherds with just a few ewes -- instead of you having to purchase and maintain a ram. We usually use 4-5 rams for breeding. Also, provide limited ram leasing to experienced shepherds who have a few sheep. Our rams are from the top-end of the Suffolk breed genetics.

9. Visitors are welcomed. Call to arrange a date and time -- weekends are usually the best. Phone: 301-371-4111. Can advise on most aspects of sheep management and health care; what to look for when buying a farm; and farm and livestock equipment.

10. Dealer for Sydell Sheep & Goat Livestock Equipment -- a wide range of lamb jugs, steel panels, gates, handling equipment, scales, grain and hay feeders, etc. Also a dealer for the All Aluminum Line of livestock equipment -- aluminum sheep/hog scale, livestock hauler for pick-up truck.

History of our farm. Castle Hill Farm, was settled in 1803, in the beautiful Middletown Valley. Our farm is south of Middletown and north of Jefferson and Burkittsville, Maryland. We're the 4th. owners from the original land grant. The farm was named Castle Hill Farm by the first owner, DeWalt Willard, a Circuit Court Judge in Frederick, Maryland.

We're a working farm with sheep, lambs, barn owls, bee hives, a stocked fish pond with small-mouth bass, excellent alfalfa hay, grass hay and pasture, a rotational grazing system, and a soil conservation plan. We raise all our own hay -- and use liquid manure from a neighbor's dairy farm, plus our aged sheep compost as organic fertilizer.

Farm is managed by 2 border collies; Sadie and Flip (both rescue border collies), to watch over the flock. Mia and Frisk, prior border collies, are buried on the farm.

Do you need Lamb Recipes? Go to the American Lamb Board website:

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Custom-Processed, young Maryland Lambs. Our lambs are both grain-fed & raised on grass -- sold by their live weight. Lambs for individual customers are processed at Hemp's Meats, Jefferson, MD. Halal lambs - contact Canaan Run Farm, Westminster, MD. We've been raising sheep, lambs, Suffolk breeding stock for 36 yrs. 4-H Project Lambs and Ewe Breeding Services are available. Square bales of Hay. Visitors welcomed. Questions -- call: 301-371-4111 -- email: Peter Vorac.

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