Our late son Joel was an enthusiastic organic gardener, environmentalist and champion of community building. he co-founded an organic garden to supply Bowdoin College and the local food pantry. So when he took his life at age 24, the family created the Flannel Shirt Fund, since that was his "uniform."

The fund gives modest grants to schools and other community groups to help kids plant and harvest gardens and prepare and serve fresh food in their schools. There are so many wonderful lessons in planting together, experiencing the miracle of growth, learning how we can eat healthy, local food and live more sustainably.

Joel would wholeheartedly support these things if he were here. This is a totally nonprofit operation, very small scale but we hope something that "seeds" bigger things. Maybe a movement!

Listing last updated on Apr 9, 2009

In a Bowdoin interview, Joel said: Doing things for others makes me feel a stronger connection with the people around me and gives me a sense of purpose and fulfillment that I have not found with anything else.. I will try to live simply and effectively and hope that my life will stand as a measure of the love I feel for the people I know and w and the place I live. That's the spirit of the Flannel Shirt Fund. We need donations to keep it going. We are happy to share what's going on.

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