We live on a Mid-Century Orange County Avocado grove: Sixteen luscious Fuerte trees with hundreds of beautiful, ripe, juicy California Fuerte Avocados. Hand-picked and hand-packed, creamy with a buttery light taste and smooth skin and with a lovelier taste than the garden variety Haas available in stores. We've shipped many many thousands of pounds all over the country over the years.

This is our home - we live on an acre - and grow organic. Hand-picked on the day we ship. They make wonderful gifts, too. The fruit is shipped right off the tree and will take anywhere from 6-10 days to ripen depending how you store them. All avocados are naturally grown using organic fertilizing techniques, grown and picked and packed with love.

These are some of the best prices out there on the local market! from: Freckleman Farms We ship in USPS Priority Flat Rate boxes: Medium / Large.

Listing last updated on Feb 26, 2018

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We love Avocados & Organic fruits & vegetables! So glad to have an Organic farm close by & eager to visit you!! Is there a store on your farm we may buy from??

Freckleman Farms sweet delicious Fuerte avocados! YUM. Fast shipping and friendly customer service. Thanks You!

I ordered a box of avocados a few weeks ago. When they arrived I was a bit worried because there was no packing in the box, just avocados. I thought they'd be bruised, but they weren't.... [more]

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