From start to finish, in all phases of our operation, we use the most environmentally safe procedures as possible and methods that do not harm the bees nor the purity of the honey. To fulfill that primary objective, we are continually conferring with others in the industry having these same motivations, pioneering alternative and unconventional methods of management. We do not filter our honey; bees are air-blown from the honeycombs at the time of harvest, rather than chemically removed; wax moth damage is controlled utilizing a large freezer unit, rather than moth crystals, sulfur or other chemical means. Parasitic mite control, which has become a major issue in bee management in the past few years, is handled by vinegar vaporization, smaller foundation cell sizing, essential oil treatments. We specialize in raw honey, to which no heat has been applied; thus all the natural enzymes, bioflavonoids naturally occurant in wild honey remain intact. Unheated honey naturally crystallizes at some point. Some of our customers prefer their honey to remain liquid, and we only heat this honey to 140 degrees, after which it is chilled through a specially made unit that brings the temperature back down quickly. We also carry beeswax, propolis, comb honey, locally gathered bee pollen. We are happy to give farm tours and we do a small mail order business. We are widely available at practically all health food stores in Virginia. We are truly a unique beekeeping operation, and have taken special care in every way possible to assure that you receive the highest quality honey possible. We have received thousands of letters of appreciation from folks all over the world giving us special thanks for the distinctly unique flavor and quality of our honeys. We are sure you will be equally impressed.

Listing last updated on Apr 7, 2001

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This honey is the real deal! The Wildflower tastes best to me, but if they're out I get Summer Thistle. I have increasing allergies with age and I have been getting steadily better just by putting this honey in my tea.... [more]

I purchased Golden Angels Apiary honey today. Bought the Wildflower form of this liquid gold and was so impressed at how thick, rich and sweet it is. I have severe asthma and allergies, which have become worse with age.... [more]

I tried their Wild Rose Thistle honey about two years ago. I was immediately hooked. Since then I've tried two other varieties and they were both delicious.... [more]

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