Growing Freedom @ Warner Farms

Clare, Michigan
Family Farm

CSA, & Local Road side stand ready when the produce is. We grow most of the usual vegetables. This is a Family Farm Located in 2 locations 1/4 mile apart. The small 2 acre plot is organic, the 10 acre Plot is transitioning, mostly organic. Feel free to stop by, call, or send an Email to inquire. Email or stop by for more information on 2011 Shares.

We use a combination of bio-intensive, square foot and permaculture growing methods. Soon to be a certified AgriTrue grower. We say transitional because until we have had no chemicals on the property for 10 years we don't want to claim anything we are not.

Listing last updated on Aug 7, 2011

Growing a percentage of your own food is important. Most people can't provide everything they need, that's why were here to help. We also offer gardening classes on our growing methods. We are open to trade and barter or even offer a work for food program. We are here to help. Let us help you help yourself.

Schedule and Location:

Most hours, contact on unusual hours
1620 E Herrick Rd
Clare, MI 48617
2159 E Herrick Rd
Clare,, MI 48617

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