Customers have considered Harry's Tap Room (HTR) their favorite local spot since it's inception in 2003. HTR has remained at the top of resident's "frequently-visited" list through the years because of its unique offering of fresh, organic and naturally-raised ingredients, a wine-by-the-glass selection from independent, quality-minded producers and exceptional service.

We’re fanatically picky about our ingredients, so we buy organic or naturally-raised products. We draw from the local farms of the rich countryside of Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Our produce is free of pesticides and other chemicals. Our beef is naturally-raised and hormone-free. Our chicken is free-range (and naturally-raised hormone-free). Our organic eggs and hand-churned butter come from Trickling Springs Creamery in Pennsylvania.

We prepare uncomplicated, fresh, flavorful dishes, served meticulously in a relaxed atmosphere. We call it “comfortable dining.” It’s that rare combination of a place where you can unwind with truly outstanding food.

Listing last updated on Nov 11, 2009

Harry’s Tap Room uses fresh organic and naturally-raised ingredients, drawing seasonally from local farms, and prepares each item simply and flavorfully. We enjoy featuring wines from independent quality-minded producers located around the globe.

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Great and fresh food, a little on the pricey side but well worth it.

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