KATZ Organic Meyer Lemon Olive Oil

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KATZ Organic Meyer Lemon Olive Oil

Made from fragrant Napa Valley organic Meyer lemons, and certified organic Suisun Valley olives.

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The finished oil is redolent of the floral, sweet citrus from the fragrant Meyer lemon and has the lush backbone of the fruit from the olives in a perfect marriage of flavors for the kitchen making it an indispensable condiment. Culinary uses are many and varied...some of our favorites include drizzling over vegetables like artichokes and asparagus, fresh green beans, English peas or radicchio. Use with a splash of KATZ Sparkling Wine Vinegar for a simple dressing for a leafy salad or perk up a Caesar salad dressing. KATZ Organic Meyer Lemon Olive Oil is ideal for using in marinades for halibut, shrimp and tuna, or slather on roasted chicken and new potatoes with a sprinkling of our fleur de sel and cracked pepper. Its versatility is endless!

The inspiration for our KATZ Organic Meyer Lemon Olive Oil is rooted in the centuries-old culinary tradition of the Italian frantoio or olive mill. Legend has it that the crushing of lemons with sweet late-harvest olives marked the end of the harvest. The result is magical - the oil from the rind of the lemon combines with the oil from the olive to create an ethereal blend coveted by those lucky enough to know a mill owner. Our award-winning rendition is made from fragrant Napa Valley organic Meyer lemons, prized for their flavor and myriad of culinary uses, and from our certified organic olives from our Suisun Valley groves - its pleasant fruitiness is the perfect match with the citrus - a truly all, Northern California production.

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