Mullein Cough Syrup / Orange Flavor

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Mullein Cough Syrup / Orange Flavor

Soothes Dry Coughs and Laryngitis. One of the Safest and Most Useful Herbal Lung Tonics.

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Mullein was prescribed for coughs, respiratory disorders, and all inflammatory ailments.

Mullein is excellent in treating upper respiratory conditions such as bronchitis due to its tonic action on mucous membranes of the respiratory system. It also reduces inflammation of the trachea and at the same time soothes inflamed tissues.

Mullein is used specifically for bronchitis with hard cough and soreness. It is also used for colds and congestion. The leaves and flowers are used to reduce mucous and stimulate coughing up of phlegm.

Mullein is also called lungwort. It is a demulcent and an emollient. It has pain-relieving properties. It also serves as an antibiotic because it can inhibit certain types of bacteria. The woolly hairs on the leaves indicate a tickling sensation to the throat.

Syrup contains: Organic mullein; grown on our Ranch. Orange flavor, sugar. Alcohol - Brandy is added for flavor and will ads some muscle relaxant and cough retardant properties.

Standard dose for taking syrup is approximately 1 teaspoonful as needed. Take a spoonful of sweet syrup just before meals for best results.

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