We are a tiny "mom and pop" farm that at one time operated a 35 member CSA. Now, we serve only a very limited number of subscribing members who are serious about their interest in local foods and in what we offer. We have no employees. We are looking to connect with those interested in all aspects of food, as we provide full support for mastering all kinds of preparation and preservation as it pertains to farm products. This includes home canning, pickling, fermentation, jam-making, dehydrating, milling, baking, and more. We also support member efforts in their own home gardening and growing ventures, giving advice and material support freely. Membership with our farm means access to all that we do and provide; we have created a vibrant community of friends, and do not operate on a transactional basis. We love food, and want to share our bounty and our discoveries with like-minded supporters. We emphasize the vanishing flavors and colors of heirloom fruits and vegetables. We also grow special grains, such as pre-modern varieties of wheat and flint corn for grinding. We are not certified organic but adhere largely to organic practices. We welcome questions about how we raise our food! We serve Arbuckle, Woodland, Davis and the small towns on I-5 along the way and also offer farm pickup. To learn more or inquire whether we have room in our membership circle, please visit our website. Thanks for your interest!

Listing last updated on Nov 19, 2019

Anything and everything depending on the whims of the farmer but...full fruit orchard including rare citrus and the rest changes without notice.

Season:  January through January

Type:  single farm

Since:  2006

# of Shares:  20

Share Prices:  Our farm no longer fits the CSA model. There are memberships, with the price based on boxes of produce delivered in a quarter. Please see our website for full details. But basically, $25/box with 6-13 boxes per quarter depending on membership agreement.

Work Req?  No

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I have had a rare treat in visiting (and touring) Nevermore Farm and enjoying their produce.

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The farm, the produce, and the people at Nevermore are anything & everything you could want from a CSA. They are extremely helpful and love feedback from members.... [more]

I've been a Nevermore CSA member for about 5 months -- love the service and the wonderful fruits and veggies. It's always fun to unpack the box, and even more fun to cook and eat this delicious, beautiful food.... [more]

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