Thanksgiving 2005 Newsletter

LocalHarvest Newsletter
Thanksgiving 2005
October 27, 2005

Hello, and welcome to our newsletter.

For those of us who love good food, half of the fun is the passionate pursuit of exceptional flavor and quality. The adventure of seeking out and trying new culinary treats gives us great delight, especially when our efforts are appreciated by family and friends. Little wonder, then, that Thanksgiving is the favorite holiday of so many. With good food, gratitude and loved ones at the centerpiece, what's not to love?

This year, we invite you to make LocalHarvest part of your Thanksgiving meal, either through the inclusion of locally grown foods, or by choosing some unique ingredients grown by family farmers elsewhere in the country. We have stuffed this newsletter with savory ideas for your meal. Read on, and bon appetit!

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It's Turkey Time

If you are ready to consider moving beyond the usual supermarket fare for your holiday turkey, LocalHarvest farmers offer you many tender, flavorful options. These include organic, free-range, pastured, and/or heritage birds: all are good, and we think you and yours will be more than pleased with the difference. (Read on...)

Organic Cranberries: For a Real Thanksgiving

Like garnets in the sun, cranberries glow a brilliant red on our holiday tables. Whether you prefer yours jellied or sauced, cranberries provide a sweet and tangy accompaniment to the richer foods in the traditional meal. Creative cooks can also include these little jewels into other holiday treats - quick breads and jams, stuffing and pies. cranberries can work with all kinds of ingredients to accompany your holiday meals. Citrus, raspberry vinegar, herbs, cinnamon, and other spices all work with the astringency of the fruit to make versatile flavors combinations. (Read on...)

$5 Turkey Coupon

The coupon below is good for a $5 discount on the purchase of a Thanksgiving turkey one of LocalHarvest's family farms. Your farm fresh turkey can be delivered to your door just in time for Turkey day.

To redeem your coupon, just go to the online catalog, choose a turkey from one of our member farms, and enter the coupon code when asked for shipping/billing information.

       coupon code:   TRK2005
       amount:        $5.00
       good for:      turkeys
Thank you for you support. We trust that you will enjoy our members' products!

Thanksgiving Recipes

Many families bring out favorite recipes for the holiday season, but there is always room for something new at the table. Here are three recipes, each offering an unconventional twist on traditional Thanksgiving dishes. Enjoy! (Read on...)

LH Member Profile: Speckled Hen Farm

"I love my birds!" says Brooke Hayes-Lyman. What started as a hobby a couple of years ago that took her to the county fair has become a life purpose for Brooke: to help preserve heritage breeds.

While currently raising ten kinds of chickens for eggs and meat, she estimates the number in her heritage turkey flock to be around a hundred. If you ask, and if you call soon, she will put them on the telephone as a gobbling choir of Narragansett and Kardosh Bronze birds. (Read on...)