October 2006 Newsletter

LocalHarvest Newsletter
October 9, 2006

Welcome back to the LocalHarvest newsletter!

Welcome back to the LocalHarvest.org newsletter. You probably didn't go anywhere, but we have been on a long hiatus from writing. It has been a full summer here at LocalHarvest. As a few of you may know, in April our founder and president, Guillermo Payet, was critically injured by a drunk driver while out jogging near his home in Santa Cruz, CA. In what even his doctors have called a miraculous recovery, Guillermo is back at work and quickly making up for lost time. We want to thank those of you who heard about the accident and sent him your good wishes.

Meanwhile, LocalHarvest is going strong. One of the projects Guillermo has been passionate about was recently unveiled on the site – it is our new "forum" feature, where LocalHarvest fans, farmers, and the curious can discuss all manner of farm and garden related topics. Recent posts have included news and queries about a professional 'farm sitting' service, soap making, and organic school gardening. We encourage you to browse through the LocalHarvest forum and join the discussions!

With this issue of our newsletter, we are trying out a modified format. Rather than several shorter articles, we thought we would choose one topic on which to write a more in-depth piece. Each month the chosen topic will be one that affects many of our growers and also has larger implications for consumers and the world at large. This month we're writing about the tremendous growth in imports in the flower industry over the last decade, the associated environmental and social impacts, and the emerging growth in the organic flower industry here in the U.S.

We're eager to hear what you think of our new newsletter format! Please send us your comments by posting on our website's feedback form.

Looking Forward to Thanksgiving? We are too!

This year we have a great selection of turkeys: delivered locally in a few areas or shipped nationwide, organically raised and/or raised out of doors, heritage breeds or old standbys, and fresh or frozen. You have plenty of choices for your holiday turkey. We also have beautiful fresh and frozen cranberries, and other delectable ingredients for holiday cooking and baking. Check out our Thanksgiving specials and have them shipped to you now or right before the holiday!

Organic Flowers: Increasingly Available, and Stunning!

For many of us, flower bouquets are an impulse item. We pick up a bunch from the grocery store to surprise our sweeties, wire them to a relative for a last minute gift, or indulge in a treat for ourselves. As a splurge and a non-consumable, we might not give flowers the same careful consideration we give to our food. Three LocalHarvest members would like to change that; they believe that organically grown flowers are the next "push" in organics. This month they are inviting us to pay more attention to where our flowers come from and how they're grown. (Read on...)

Final Note: Other 'Buy Local' Opportunities

We wanted to tell you about two great campaigns in praise of local eating. Food Routes, the organization behind the "Buy Fresh, Buy Local" campaigns taking place in 18 communities around the country, is also sponsoring the Buy Local Challenge. Participants pledge to spend a certain number of their weekly food dollars on local foods. Another group is focusing on the Thanksgiving meal in particular, and encouraging people to use ingredients acquired from within 100 miles of home. Like the idea? Their web site has some great ideas and inspirational stories from people who are trying it. Visit the 100 Mile Diet website for more, and bon appetit!

As always, thanks for your interest in and support of LocalHarvest.org! We're already working on next month's newsletter, which will feature an article on the federal government's effort to register and track the movements of all farm animals, nationwide. See you next month, and until then, take good care and eat well!