LocalHarvest News - April 16, 2007

The world's climate has never been static, and many civilizations in history have come and gone because of environmental changes - some caused by humans, some not. Over the last 60 years the misuse of new technologies have led us to influence the planet's delicate balance on a scale that was previously impossible. Global climate change resulting from excessive fossil fuel use is one of the most serious experiments that we humans are now doing with Earth's life support systems. This month LocalHarvest founder Guillermo Payet writes about the potential impacts of climate change on agriculture.

Climate Change and Farming

The earth's climate has been relatively stable for thousands of years. We know that it is hot, humid, and rainy in the Amazon, and that corn grows well in the Midwest. We know that at a particular altitude we should plant a crop on a certain week of the year because the conditions for it are just right then. For most of our memory as humans, our climates have closely oscillated around predictable patterns, and this has allowed us to feed ourselves and flourish.

When a stable climate system is modified beyond its "tipping point" it gets out of balance and loses its equilibrium. While the system searches for a new set of patterns to stabilize around, variability and uncertainly are the norm. This, in essence, is the nature of the challenge that we are now facing. (Read on...)

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Nancy's Nutrition Corner: Exceptional Eggs

Eggs and Cholesterol - The Good News
As many of us know, eggs are high in cholesterol. Over the years there has been much heated debate about whether eating eggs contributes to elevated cholesterol levels and heart disease risk. Now, with more than thirty years of accumulated research behind us, the word is that dietary cholesterol has only a small effect on plasma cholesterol levels, and that saturated fat in the diet, not dietary cholesterol, is what most influences blood cholesterol levels. (Read on...)

Recipes for Good Living

This month we welcome cookbook author Lorna Sass to the LocalHarvest newsletter. Each month Lorna will be contributing a couple of recipes for our readers to try. Bon appetit! (Read on...)

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