LocalHarvest News - October 26, 2007

Welcome back to the LocalHarvest newsletter. In this traditional season of plenty, we are turning our attention to New Orleans, a city of paradoxical abundance. Though signs of poverty and devastation are easy to find there, so too is the creative spirit that made the city famous. Our main article this month looks at one organization's efforts to ensure that everyone in the city can find healthy food close to home. The New Orleans Food and Farm Network is doing great work because they know how to work with people on what is, while also looking together for what can be.

Mapping New Orleans: Finding Everyone a Good Meal

One of the longstanding ironies in New Orleans is that in a city that prides itself on its food culture, so many people eat exceptionally poorly. This was true even before Hurricane Katrina. Grocery stores were closing down one after another in poor neighborhoods, forcing many residents to choose between shopping at a quick-mart and eating fast food, or taking a bus or two to a real supermarket in another part of the city. (Read on...)

From the LocalHarvest Catalog:

It is almost time to turn the calendar to our favorite food month of the year. Remember organic cranberries, Fall lamb, Medjhool dates, wild rice and Meyer lemons? We love everything about eating in Autumn!

Oh, and let us not forget turkeys - heritage, organic, pastured. Time to fill the kitchen with beautiful food to feed yourself and the people you love.

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Nancy's Nutrition Corner

With a nod to the time honored tradition of eating too much candy at the end of Halloween ("But we have to buy a lot for the neighborhood kids!" Yeah, right.), we are taking a hiatus from our nutrition column. By next month, when you've eaten your way clear to the bottom of the candy bowl, Nancy's column will be back and she will give you a double dose of health advice to get you through Thanksgiving.

Recipe Corner: Honey - By Lorna Sass

I once met a Queen Bee. Not the kind you might see shopping in Bloomingdales, but the real boss of buzzing thousands - a certified member of the Apidae family.
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As always, thanks for your interest in and support of LocalHarvest.org! See you next month, and until then, take good care and eat well!