LocalHarvest News - November 20, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving, all! Since we are always talking about good food and have been writing about our Thanksgiving excitement for a couple of months already, I thought I would devote this month’s newsletter to something different. The plan was to offer you some especially nice food and farming-related videos as our way of honoring the second best thing about Thanksgiving: lying on the couch. But in the end, I couldn’t let the opportunity to speak of gratitude pass without mention. The result is a greatly revised Thanksgiving article, videos sprinkled in: "In Praise of Praise".

With deep thanks for your support of LocalHarvest and America’s family farmers,
Erin Barnett
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In Praise of Praise

I spent last evening making long, anxious To Do lists for the holiday week, and crawled into bed tired and short on Thanksgiving spirit. In the fuzzy moments before sleep, though, some tight knot spontaneously relaxed and a sentence formed itself in my mind. "You need Thanksgiving eyes." This was sufficiently weird to wake me up, and I sat for a few minutes thinking about the notion of Thanksgiving eyes. What? Ah, eyes that see what the heart feels when given a chance – gratitude, love, appreciation. (Read on...)

From the LocalHarvest Catalog:

This time of year, it’s all about wreaths for us. We have many beautiful ones to choose from, made from everything from boxwood to balsam, fir to flowers. Wreaths make a wonderful holiday present, for yourself or someone you love.

Speaking of gifts, we have so many good ones from which to choose. We’ve collected our favorites on our Christmas Specials page, but you may find things for the people on your holiday list anywhere in the LocalHarvest catalog!

Nancy's Nutrition Corner

Cranberries not only complement the taste of your turkey and decorate your holiday table, they also have many health promoting properties as well. Cranberries are rich in antioxidants like vitamin C, and they are a good source of dietary fiber, manganese and vitamin K. (Read on...)

Recipe Corner: Cranberries - By Lorna Sass

In the nineties there was a rock group called The Cranberries. They choose a very good name because, as any cook knows, cranberries rock.

Cranberries, with their skins of shocking lipstick red, must have always drawn admirers with ease, but those first tasters must have been mighty surprised when they experienced the fruit's lip-puckering tartness.
(Recipes and More...)

As always, thanks for your interest in and support of LocalHarvest.org! See you next month, and until then, take good care and eat well!