LocalHarvest News - December 18, 2007

Happy holidays to all! Tis the season of sparkling lights and deep darkness, frolicking and hibernation. Tis also the season of reflection and planning. We at LocalHarvest are looking ahead to all the improvements we would like to make to the site in the new year.

We thought we would take this year end opportunity to ask for your ideas about what you would like to see us do with LocalHarvest in the next 365 days. We have many ideas ourselves, of course, but we always appreciate feedback! If you’d like to contribute your two cents, please send me your ideas at .

Meanwhile, in this holiday season we wish for you a life that is warmed by simplicity and gratitude, generosity and kindness.


Erin Barnett
LocalHarvest Director

From the LocalHarvest Catalog:

With only a few days left until Christmas, it is a great time to consider giving your beloveds a gift certificate for the LocalHarvest catalog! This year we are offering customized certificates, printable as a PDF, with your gift message. Now through Friday.

Placing our Intention

It has been a good year for LocalHarvest. Over three million different people used the site to find local farms! Buying local is gaining critical mass. We are grateful to all of you for spreading the word about this site. Over 2500 new farms and farmers markets created listings in our national directory this year. Catalog sales were up too, allowing us to breathe easier financially. We integrated street-level maps and made other needed improvements to our mapping software, which makes us very happy. Most gratifying, we received a great deal of encouragement and positive feedback from farmers and people like you who use the site. (Read on...)

Nancy's Nutrition Corner

Have you seen the beautiful chocolates in our catalog? Knowing as you do that we feature products raised in the U.S. you might have been surprised to see them there. Our chocolate vendors use local butter, cream, milk, and accoutrements. Enjoy!

You might have heard the good news: the powers that be have decided that chocolate is good for us. Those of us who have a relationship with chocolate couldn’t be more pleased. It turns out that humans have included chocolate in their diets for thousands of years, and not just for dessert. The Aztecs, Maya, and Olmecs knew of the healing properties of cacao, and consumed a drink made of cacao seeds. (Read on...)

Recipe Corner: Chocolate - By Lorna Sass

I used to be very intolerant of chocoholics until I became one myself.

What is it about chocolate that makes us chocoholics? I know that there have been books and articles written on the subject, but what it probably all comes down to is the sugar and the theobromine. Whatever it is seems to plant very potent seeds when we're still young.
(Recipes and More...)

And if Chocolate Isn't Your Thing...

Try Chef Keith Snow’s Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Honey and Tangerine Juice. Keith is the chef featured on Harvest Eating. He’s got many cooking videos on his site. Check them out!

As always, thanks for your interest in and support of LocalHarvest.org! See you next month, and until then, take good care and eat well!