LocalHarvest Newsletter, April 25, 2008

Hawkeye apple, Slow Food Ark of Taste.
One of the best parts of my job is getting to talk to farmers. This afternoon I called Ber-Gust Farm in western Ohio and talked with Rick Kabara while he planted potatoes. (He had already put in 1208 hills when I called, and had another 600 to go for the day.) Like many LocalHarvest farmers, Rick and his wife Joanie grow a number of heirloom foods. In this issue of our newsletter we're announcing our new effort to promote "endangered" foods, so I wanted to ask him why they make a point of growing unusual varieties. Rick was quiet for a minute and then he said, "The biggest reason we like to grow old-fashioned varieties is that, well, I love food." It doesn’t get any more honest than that. He went on to talk about how he sees that so many people have forgotten what good food tastes like because they have gotten so used to "grocery store food." Rick likes to tell people who join their CSA, "You're going to learn to enjoy food again..."

We're making that our wish for all of you this Spring – may you find beautiful heirloom foods locally this year, food as it was meant to be. And may you learn to enjoy food again...

LocalHarvest Partners with Slow Food USA

We at LocalHarvest have long felt an affinity with the Slow Food movement, so we were delighted when the opportunity arose to develop a partnership with Slow Food USA. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Slow Food, it is an international organization dedicated to promoting truly good food – food that is, as they say, "good, clean, and fair." We like that. And like us, they believe that small scale farms are the lifeblood of sustainable food systems. We like that too. (Read on...)

From the LocalHarvest Store:

So far this month, LocalHarvest farmers have sold over 1700 orders of seeds through our online catalog. Think of all those happy gardeners, and all those luscious little seedlings that will soon be poking up out of the soil! We have a great collection of seeds for your garden. Take a look!

Want to send your Mom some organic flowers for Mother's Day? If you wait until May, they may be gone. Grown by Marc Kessler from Chico, CA, these are extraordinary bouquets, and they always sell out early. Do your Mom proud and plan ahead.

Video: An Evening with Carlo Petrini

In honor of the new LH-Slow Food USA partnership, we bring you the founder of Slow Food himself, Carlo Petrini. Mr. Petrini speaks eloquently (and in Italian, no less!) about the globalized food system and the richness of its alternatives. Many thanks to Cooking Up a Story for sharing this video with us. (Watch the Video...)

Member Reviews: Who Do You Love?

This week we launched a member review feature on LocalHarvest! We get lots and lots of emails telling us things like, "This farm is great!", or "This market is a fake," or "We recommend this farm's pork chops." We love hearing from you all, but we wanted to have a place for you to share this feedback with everyone. Now you all can share your opinions about individual farms through the member reviews.

Writing a review for a LH member is easy: just go to your chosen listing and click on the review link under the farm name. You'll be asked to log in (or register) and then you'll be on your way! Check it out - we love to hear what you think.

What we really want is for everyone to be talking about small farms and good food. In addition to sharing your opinions through our member reviews, you can also talk about local food and farming topics in the general LH Forum, launched last year. Coming soon: product reviews for the items in our catalog.

Nancy's Nutrition Corner: Awesome Almonds

Many people worry that almonds, and nuts in general, are too fatty to eat on a regular basis. They couldn't be more wrong! Current research reveals that almonds are not only the most nutritionally dense nut, they actually decrease one's risk of weight gain. (Read on...)

Recipe Corner: Almond Joy - By Lorna Sass

Almonds don't have the immediate snack appeal of pistachios or walnuts, but boy do they make a fabulous nut butter. I don't remember the first time I tasted almond butter, but I do remember pushing the peanut butter to the back of the pantry shelf from that moment on.
(Recipes and More...)