LocalHarvest Newsletter, May 27, 2010

Photo by: Wrenhaven Farm

Welcome back to the LocalHarvest newsletter.

Over the last 12 months, nearly 5 million people have visited LocalHarvest! We love to see our traffic grow, and are always looking for ways to keep people coming back. This month we built a new comments feature, allowing readers to comment on our newsletter articles. This one has been on the To Do list for two years, and we are so happy to finally have had time to put it together.

In our main article this month I write about the many small decisions that going into feeding ourselves, and how taxing those decisions can sometimes be. Local or organic? Grass fed and hormone free for $6.99/lb., or certified organic for $9.99? Cage free or Omega-3 fed? It's enough to make your head spin, and of course there's no one right way. We'd love to have you put our new comments feature to good use and tell us how you feed yourself and your family.

Also this time, one of our member's recipes for rhubarb pie. Hooray for Spring!

As always, take good care and eat well,

Erin Barnett

Local or Organic?

At our house, this is the hardest season to find anything good to eat. The freezer, stuffed to barely closing last October, is almost empty now, as are the canning shelves and the makeshift root cellar. Thankfully, it was a warm and early spring here, so we are eating garden salad greens to our heart's content. To be honest, though, my heart is content with just a few salads a week, which leaves a lot of other meals to plan and not a lot of food in the house around which to plan them. Consequently, I have been giving a lot of thought to the question of what to eat.
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From the LocalHarvest Store:

If you're ready to fire up the grill and would like to try something new, you might like to try one of our more interesting grass fed and pastured grill-ables: we have elk strip steaks, buffalo burgers, emu steaks, and much more

Want to grow some of your own food this year? There s still plenty time to tuck a few seeds into the ground. Have plenty for your family, and find your green thumb still twitching? You can plant a row for the hungry: learn more here.

Announcing: Product Reviews!

Before I buy anything online, I read the reviews. Occasionally funny, sometimes illuminating, reading other peoples' experience is almost always helpful before making a purchase. The better to help LocalHarvest shoppers make their decisions, we have just added product reviews to all items in the LH catalog, and we are pleased as punch about the new feature. Have you bought something from the LH catalog? Whether you absolutely loved it, did not, or have an idea, you now have the chance to tell others' about your experience. It's simple: just find the product you want to review, and click on the reviews link. Go ahead! We all want to know what you think!

Slow Money's Second National Gathering

Here’s a reminder for all you Slow Money fans. The second national gathering will be held on June 9 - 11 at Shelburne Farms in Vermont. Farmers, activists, investors, donors, and entrepreneurs are welcome. You can find details and registration info on their website.  All LocalHarvest members receive a 20% discount. (Enter the discount code "localharvest" to register for the gathering and "localharvest+dinner" if you also want to attend the Friday evening Farm Table Dinner.

Food from the Farm: Lena May’s Rhubarb Custard Pie

The appearance of rhubarb marks the arrival of spring in many part of the country, and its arrival is a celebrated event. Rhubarb crisps, sauce, cake and pie all make their way to the table, and rhubarb recipes are often passed down through families. This month we are pleased to bring you a family favorite of Dennis Duncan from High Altitude Rhubarb Organic Farm.
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