LocalHarvest Newsletter, March 28, 2014

Welcome back to the LocalHarvest newsletter.

Most of us have a project or two we've managed to put off for a few years now. For whatever reason, there are always a few jobs that are hard to get to - painting the back bedroom, cleaning out the storage room in the barn, replacing that ratty winter coat, whatever it is. The inaction may show no signs of ending, and then one day we surprise ourselves and begin. Momentum builds and eventually, with a last push and a flourish, the long dreaded task is finished! Procrastinators everywhere know the particular mix of relief, pride and delight that follows. It is exactly that feeling that we at LocalHarvest are reveling in this week.

At long last, "redesign the website" made it to the top of our To Do list in January. We thought we might be able to get away with just doing a little touch up here and there, but eventually gave ourselves over to re-doing the thing from top to bottom. This week we are absolutely delighted to launch the first redesign in our 14 year history. Happy birthday, LocalHarvest. We got you a new suit for the party.

Our main intention was to make it easier to find and utilize the information LocalHarvest users find so valuable. So, along with the updated design, you will notice a few structural changes when next you visit LocalHarvest. We expanded the search functions and moved them to the top of the page. The map, events and listings are specific to your location. Our popular Farm Events feature gets more space, and the farm listings are improved. We streamlined the catalog checkout process, and made a lot of other little changes.

We hope you will spend a little time on the new LocalHarvest! There's a lot to see. The feedback we've gotten thus far from our members has been overwhelmingly positive. We'd love to hear your reaction to our new site too.

Meanwhile, the weekend is coming. Maybe it's time to tackle that project that's been hanging over your head for too long? Take it from us: you'll be glad you did.

Until next time, take good care and eat well,

Erin Barnett

CSA Farmers: Now Even More Integrated with LH

As part of our recent work on the site, we linked CSAware users' products into the LocalHarvest catalog, making it a snap for LH shoppers to find and purchase CSAware users' products. It's one more reason to choose CSAware for your CSA. If you'd like a tour of the software, let us know!

From the LocalHarvest Store

If high-quality meat is part of your family's tradition for celebrating the Spring holidays, this year you might want to order some directly from a LocalHarvest farmer.

Painted Mountain Corn. Aji Dulce Peppers. Emerald Green Velvet Okra. Haley's Purple Comet Tomato. Even the names are beautiful. We have about 600 kinds of vegetable seeds in our catalog. Now's the time! And don't miss our live plant department! We have some unusual offerings there as well.

Not planting a garden this year? Join a CSA!

Food from the Farm: Maple Walnut Jam Cookies

We've been too busy working to try new recipes, but in celebration of the new site I am baking cookies this weekend. Here is a cookie recipe we shared a while back and still really enjoy. It's maple syrup season, so it's the perfect time to try these!