Orange Blossom Sweet Tea

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This is Kari Nobel's favorite honey recipe. As soon as she told me the name I knew I would like it, as Southern sweet tea is one of my favorite summer beverages. I had never made it with honey, but it is a delicious alternative to sugar-sweetened tea. I like mine with freshly squeezed lemon juice!

Orange Blossom Sweet Tea
(Makes 2 Quarts)



1. Heat water in stock pot on stove to almost boiling.
2. Remove from heat.
3. Pour honey in and (this is the key) stir until the honey is fully dissolved into the water.
4. Drop the tea bags in and let it steep uncovered for at least 2 hours.
5. Pour into jug or container and refrigerate.  If you can't wait, pour into a cup of ice and enjoy!

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