I Ain't Got No Dough, But I Got Fresh Bread

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By: Jackie Hough | Dec 25, 2017 02:44 AM | Permalink
Regarding eating well on a limited budget, I recommend the book Wildly Affordable Organic, by Linda Watson of Raleigh, NC. Though Linda has ultimately chosen a vegan diet, her first book (title above) includes dairy and eggs. She wrote the book in 2011 in response to several news stories claiming that no one could eat well on a SNAP (supplemental nutrition assistance, aka 'food stamps') allowance. She proves, page after page in the book, that you can eat well on a limited budget, and has created a website called Cook for Good to connect with the community about healthy and cost-effective cooking.

By: Rachel Brown | Dec 24, 2017 04:05 AM | Permalink
Do you allow readers to repost? I think that the local food eaters in our area would benefit from these great ideas. Rachel Brown
Judith M. Crummett says:    (Dec 24, 2017 12:00 AM)

Agreed. Would like to share this on our farmers market FB page.

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